Should I always use Catsxp x86?

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Should I always use Catsxp x86?

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This is an old tips from the days I'm still using Chrome that I didn't actually remember where did I got the tips in the first place. This is, there is no benefits of using 64 bit Chrome as with the multi-processing architecture of Chrome, the 32 bit memory limit is not a concern and the performance is on par or even better than 64 bit Chrome with less memory being used. This is so long ago when Firefox didn't have a 64 bit version and people had to use Waterfox. I don't know if this is still applies.

Recently, I got OOM with Catsxp so many times. I have the habit of opening multiple tabs. The more memory I put in my computer, the more tabs I want to leave open. The Memory Saver feature of Catsxp doesn't help. Frankly speaking, I think it's very useless. This is why I want to know if switching to 32 bit Catsxp could help. I have always used the 64 bit version.
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Re: Should I always use Catsxp x86?

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X64 system recommends using x64 programs