• 1. 
  • Will this browser collect or disclose my privacy information?

    Strictly abide by the "Regulations on the protection of computer software" of the people's Republic of China, will not collect your personal information for any reason, and will not send them to the server or any third party server. Fully comply with the principles stated in the privacy white paper of Google Chrome, and can only be enhanced on this basis, but not weakened. In the future, it is possible to send usage statistics and crash reports to the server with the authorization of users. In addition, no data will be sent to the server.

  • 2. 
  • Current development task list

    Problem correction and optimization

  • 3. 
  • Compatible with Vista

    Because almost all of the root certificates of Vista have expired, browsing SSL website will almost prompt invalid certificate error, so you need to install the necessary root certificate of catsxp to the trusted root certificate authority first, otherwise you can't normally install, start and automatically update the component  certificate download

    If you plan to use vista for a long time, it is recommended to import all root certificates from win7 + system to the trusted root certification authority of Vista

  • 4. 
  • Support WinXP schedule

    Finally, I can run out of the interface under WinXP! CPU utilization rate will be 100% (multithreading competition) try to find out the cause!

    On October 29, 2020, I think twice and decide to give up supporting WinXP!

  • 5. 
  • What are the development principles of this browser?

    On the basis of ensuring performance and stability, add or enhance practical functions.

  • 6. 
  • What is the release process of the official version and the beta version?

    Due to personal development, there is no strict release process. At any time, a new version may be released due to functional modification or bug repair, either the official version or the beta version.

  • 7. 
  • Complete only partial readprocessmemory or writeprocessmemory requests?

    Please try to uninstall and install again! It may be because the old version of the cache data, the new version can not read the reason for recognition!

  • 8. 
  • Open some web pages display exception?

    Some normal pages may be damaged by the ad blocking rules. If the display is abnormal, please click the icon on the right side of the URL input column to temporarily close the ad blocking of this browsing page.

  • 9. 
  • Do not set x86 and x64 custom user data locations to the same location

    If the title... In the same directory location, not normal use

  • 10. 
  • Invalid custom user data location?

    When setting for the first time, please run as an administrator. There is a delay for the parameters to take effect. The parameters may not take effect immediately. Please restart the catsxp browser again